Andrey Ryabtsev
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software engineer
about me

Hi! My name is Andrey and I study computer science at the University of Washington as a combined BS/MS student. I am interested in software engineering, algorithms, and novel applications of machine learning.

I am currently searching for full-time opportunities in the Seattle area, following my expected graduation with a Master's degree in June 2021. I am open to general software engineering roles as well as roles which focus on machine learning/ computer vision.

In my free time, I enjoy ascending mountains, long-distance running, travel, photography, and political activism.


Autumn Coursework
- Graduate algorithms
- Seminar: AI & The Brain

- TA for Foundations of Computing (CSE 311)
- Instructor for Introduction to Java at Prime Factor

- high resolution image & video matting


(to be updated...)

Quote Bot

github: andreyryabtsev/quote_bot
A multi-purpose Discord bot that tracks and recites quotes, logs events and reports statistics of those events for each user, visualizes event data, generates primitive sentences from a malleable vocabulary, and much more.

Tea Clicker

play Tea Clicker on Kongregate
An incremental clicker game themed around tea - my first ever HTML5 project (2015). Build your tea empire through clicking, buying buildings, unlocking upgrades and earning achievements!

Task Tree

see early in-development demo
A visualizer and editor of instructions, such as recipes, in the form of Directed Acyclic Graphs. The demo shows how a visualization could be embedded in a recipe blog post, presenting an aerial view of the cooking process.